March 2018 Newsletter

Spring came in like a snowy lion. Bill doesn’t want to see anymore snow, not even on TV. At least he didn’t have to shovel any of it as it was gone the next day. Just like the old saying, “Hail today, lawn tomorrow.” Well anyway, it’s a new old saying.

The hurricanes played havoc with schools in the Bahamas and Caribbean. Bill called one pastor who was very glad to hear from him, but said schools are in split sessions and we can’t have you until November. Telephone lines are still down in a lot of the islands, but Bill keeps trying even though weird sounds are heard over the phone.

After calling principals time after time in Nassau, Bill finally got a week of meetings. We were there about nine years ago and had no problem getting into the schools then, but times seem to be changing. He still doesn’t like to talk to the principals remembering the many times as a kid he had to visit their office.

We are trying something new for us. We are mailing out a brochure to every church in Lynchburg telling of our ministry and how we can be used at DVBS, Bible clubs, children’s missionary conferences and teacher training. Uncle Cousin would love to have a meeting in many of these different churches. It would be a blessing if we have the opportunity to present the Word of God there and to see people come to know the Lord.

Just a backward look: we had some good meetings in Cat Island, Bahamas. We spoke in four grammar schools and two high schools. We always have a concern how the teens will react to the message, but they were very quiet and receptive. There were many who signified they wanted to trust Christ as Savior. We stayed in a house in back of an orphan home and alongside of the home there was a chapel where we preached on Sunday and had evening meetings Sunday through Wednesday. There were also adults present and even several of the principals came and brought some of their children with them.

In February we had many great opportunities to minister at Northside Baptist Church during their missions conference. Many years ago after being the children’s pastor there, we started our evangelistic ministry and the church took on our support. We found out that we are their longest supported missionaries. They started their support way back in 1973! It is always nice to come back to Northside and meet old

friends and make new ones. We are thankful for their financial support as well as their prayer support!

Coming up next will be our meetings in:
Nassau, Bahamas: April 7th - April 14th-Public Schools, Clubs
Webster, New York: April 18-April 22-Webster Bible Church, missions conference
Gallup, New Mexico: May 25-May 31-Working with missionaries reaching Indians Ringold, Oklahoma: June 3-June 15-Bertram Bobb Bible Camp

For the past 20 years we have been speaking at Bertram Bobb Bible Camp. About a month ago our good friend Travis Bankester, the camp director, died suddenly of a heart attack. We ask prayer for Daniel, who was being trained by Travis to be the new director of the camp. He will need much wisdom in carrying out his new responsibilities. God has used this camp ministry in reaching many boys and girls for Jesus Christ. Please pray for Nancy, Travis’ wife as this is a very difficult time for her. She also has to make many decisions as well as move from her home at the camp.

We also would ask you to pray that the Lord will fill up our schedule with the meetings that He wants us to have. We are both feeling well, but we don’t know how long the Lord wants us to continue doing what we do, especially if meetings are slow in coming in.

What a privilege it is to serve our risen Savior! Thank you for praying, giving and for your love and concern for us as we seek to continue on for His honor and glory and to see more boys and girls become citizens of heaven! May each of you have a glorious Easter Celebration!

Gratefully in Christ,
"Uncle Bill" and "Aunt Karen"

"Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake." Psalm 115:1

April 2017

April fool's day has come and gone. Bill caught Karen and Christi, so I guess Bill is the champion April fooler in the Salisbury household. There are two distinct kinds of fools mentioned in the Bible: Ecclesiastes 2:14 says, "The fool walks in darkness," but 1 Corinthians 4:10 says: "We are fools for Christ's sake." The foolish fool will end up in hell unless he comes to Christ; while the other fool, (who is deemed a fool by those outside of Christ) is a servant of God and will see the glories of heaven. The Bible gives us all a warning though: Ephesians 5:15: "See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise."

We traveled to Kingston, Jamaica for meetings in February. These meetings were excellent. Pastor Bernard is a fine pastor and it was a privilege to serve the Lord with him. He got us into many schools where we passed out close to 6,000 tracts. There was a great response by the teenagers as many desired to trust Christ as Savior. We held a teacher training segment and taught storytelling, object lessons and how to use puppets. We always bring 4 puppets with us and give them away if the church shows genuine interest and this church did! After working with them on puppet skills, we built a puppet stage and coached them on the script. They did so well that they put on a puppet show the following Sunday night. They did an excellent job! How grateful we were to see the enthusiasm and desire they had to use this tool to reach and teach children for the glory of God. These folks had never heard of any puppet ministry in their area.

We learned that in Dominica where they also are using the puppets that they not only have four scripts now but have added sound effects and created backdrops for their stage as well! They were taking their puppets to St. Vincent to use as an evangelistic tool. Praise the Lord for these blessings!

The first week of March Bill went to a missionary conference in Greencastle, PA. We always enjoy being with Pastor David and Cindy Raleigh and with the folks there. Karen had to stay home because she had a cold. Bill did well. He managed to put up all the pictures right side up. Our next meetings are April 18th through May 5 in Trinidad and Tobago. Please pray for these meetings. We will once again be working with a national pastor. Pray that he will be able to secure many meetings at the different schools. There are always surprises on these trips;

we're never quite sure what to expect. We pray that we will be a blessing to him

and his family as well as the church members. It's always a busy time in preparation as we pack three suitcases and figure out how to fit in about 5,000 tracts.

Our son and family will be moving in June from their apartment in New York City to a home outside the city. They are all so excited! We'd like to go up this summer to help in the move.

This will be our 20th year at Bertram Bobb Bible Camp. What a privilege to teach these children! The dates this year will be June 5-June 16. These meetings require a lot of preparation as in lessons, puppet shows, stories, object lessons, etc.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness as you continue to remember us in your prayers. Thank you too for supporting us with your most timely and generous gifts.

On behalf of the children,

Bill and Karen Salisbury

"Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake." Psalm 115:1